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Customer Reviews

Great food in a lovely setting - wonderful welcoming staff
We had an amazing lunch at this bistro in Sept. They have two patio areas - we were fortunate to get a table in the upstairs patio - lovely views. The food was terrific - an eclectic menu with something for everyone. Service was wonderful - casual but fun. Wine was great. This is a must for anyone visiting the Naramata Bench!
October 8, 2011
Amazing food, amazing staff, amazing view. Oh and amazing wine.
Hillside Estate Winery and Bistro have a great staff which enhances the ambience of the scenic view and their excellent wines and food. It is a treasure in the Okanagan Valley.
October 6, 2011
We were looking for a vineyard feel type of restaurant and were fortunate to find this place. It is listed on Trip Advisor as a Things To See but I requested it be listed as a restaurant as well because it served its function perfectly. The food was delicious and the atmosphere relaxing. We were fortunate enough to be there on an evening with live music so it made it for a great experience. I would recommend for a romantic and relaxing dinner.
September 15, 2011
Simply incredible
We went to Hillside Winery to see a local musician that we are very fond of and ended up with one of the best overall dining experiences we have had in the South Okanagan. We arrived and were seated at what I consider the best table in the house, the corner on the upper patio where the view was amazing and could both watch the concert and enjoy the strong rays of the late afternoon sun. Our server came promptly and gave us menus and described the special (which we ended up not choosing). We did however choose to just get a number of shared plates and ordered: mussels in a light tomato sauce with chorizo, a cheese platter, a charcuterie plate, gnocchi and white bean and apricot hummus. Everything was absolutely excellent and delivered with lovely clean presentations, but in my opinion there were a couple of standouts and I will describe them just so I can re-live them. First the cheese platter was served with a couple garnishes, one of which was a spiced bing cherry compote that was absolute bliss when paired with the Happy Valley chevre, one of the (all) local cheeses on the plate. The second standout was the potato gnocchi, which we ordered as a side rather than a main. Chef Cordonier makes this fresh daily, and he clearly has a talent for it. It was served simply, seasoned lightly with salt and pepper and sauteed in olive oil to give it a very delicate crunch on the outside and served up with fresh herbs. The inside was pillowy and the taste was delightful. FInally, despite eating enough to feed an army we decided to share a dessert and ordered the chocolate brownie cheesecake, which when delivered was absolutely not what I expected. We got a square, the bottom layer was a perfect soft brownie warm and not quite chewy. It more dissolved in your mouth rather than having "teeth" like you would expect in a more traditional brownie. This was layered with a cheesecake that was softly grainy and oddly perfect with the brownie. The whole thing was topped with a ball of house-made peanut butter ice cream that was small, but perfect and despite its very strong peanutty flavour did not overpower the other two flavours on the plate. The presentation on this was lovely as well, with lots of local fruit and berries and an (apricot?) coulis whose sharpness cut the sweetness of the dessert. I would give it an 11 out of 10. With this meal we drank Hillside's incredible Cabernet Franc. This was NOT recommended to us by our server but is a favourite of mine, a terrific wine with red meats and winter days. In retrospect, I think the hot evening and the variety of our meal would have been better suited to an unoaked Pinot Gris or the Rose. Whatever. The meal was great and the evening terrific, and the dregs of the red wine perfectly matched the beautiful late summer sunset from the above mentioned patio seat!
September 5, 2011